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Inspired by the North

Fireweed Soap.JPG

Northern  Fireweed Soap

Introducing Northern Fireweed Soap.


This beautiful new soap is infused with organically grown Fireweed flowers within a base of Shea Butter and Glycerin. A fresh and delicate fragrance of floral and notes of fruit berry, this gorgeous soap is sure to please with plenty of moisturizing lather.

Each bar is unique and individual...just like you. 

 $5.00 per bar includes taxes

Fireweed Bar.JPG
Northern Lights 1.JPG

Northern Lights Soap

One of the most amazing wonders of the natural world, is the fascinating and mystical Aurora Borealis. Cobbetts Cove is pleased to offer you their Northern Lights Soap.  Captured in each ethereal bar are sparkling stars and vivid hues of dancing lights in the night sky. Made of moisurizing glycerin, and scented with either Clean Air , Moonbeam

or Dewberry scents, these soaps are truly magical. Each bar is unique and individual...just like you. 

 $5.00 per bar includes taxes

Northern Lights 3.JPG

50 Shades of  Northern Rockies 

Inspired by the myriad shades of color and depths of Northern Rockies lakes and rivers, this beautiful skin softening soap is made with Mango, Shea and Cocoa Butters with a hint of glycerin. Made especially for those who want to enjoy a gorgeous soap without any scent. 

$5.00 per bar includes taxes

Summit Lake.JPG

Summit Lake Northern Rockies Soap

This bar soap was created to celebrate our beautiful Fort Nelson and Northern Rockies region.  The new Summit Lake Northern Rockies soap is scented with Bergamot and White Tea and Ginger.  Made with glycerin and white soaps, this bar will lightly moisturize and leave your skin smelling amazing. 

 $6.00 per bar includes taxes

Summit Lake01.JPG

Tetsa River Buckbrush Soap

This vibrant creation was inspired by spending time at the mouth of the Tetsa River in the fall. The bright and vivid colors of buck brush that make the forest come alive in the autumn, are captured in this new soap. Deserving of a rich scent, the fragrance of blood oranges & goji berries are reminiscent of that beautiful autumn smell.


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

$5.00 per bar includes taxes

Toad River Soap

This beautiful swirling white soap captures the lush hills, trees and mountains of Toad River BC along the Alaska Highway. A settlement bursting with hospitality, this soap is in honor of Toad River and the many happy memories made there spending time with friends and family.  


This soap's scent is earth tones - with notes of  warm woods, musk, patchouli and hint of citrus.  

$5.00 per bar includes taxes

Mystical Northern Skies

A union of glycerin, goat milk and white base soaps, this blend is reminiscent of northern skies that are ever changing and evolving with the weather and seasons. This gorgeous bar smells like dewberry. Each bar is unique and individual...just like you. 

$5.00 per bar includes taxes

50 Shades of Muncho Lake 

Inspired by the myriad shades of color and depths in gorgeous Muncho Lake, located along the Alaska Highway, this soap is a union of  swirling colors and beautiful fragrances. Comes in a new Lovespell scent and our original scent of  Geranium, Bergamot, Rose and Amber.  Both are handmade with our goat milk base and a touch of glycerin, to leave your skin scented and softened. 

$5.00 per bar includes taxes


Land of the Midnight Sun

In the land of the midnight sun, you never know what you might see or experience.  With the amazing aroma of orange, lavender and patchouli and a view suggesting northern setting sun and aurora borealis, this soap is heaven scent. 

$5.00 a bar includes taxes


Snowflake Soap

Another Northern Creation designed to praise the beauty of the north. Our snowflake soap has a gorgeous scent of Alpine Frost that smells fresh & crisp as though you were walking in the great outdoors on a crisp winter day. Each shimmering snowflake is a unique creation of its own.

 $5.00 per bar includes taxes


Chase Winter Blues Soap


Escape the winter blues with the scent of this heavenly soap.  With several fragrances to choose from, this soap is sure to lift your mood and you may want to use it, year round.  Suitable for all the whole fam jam. 

$5.00 a soap includes taxes


Whitehorse Yukon Gold Soap

Our Whitehorse Yukon gold soap was created in the spirit of Yukon gold. It is sure to sparkle your world and light up your senses with its rich aroma of bergamot, white tea, and ginger along with its beautiful white horse showcased on  a background of shimmering 24 K gold mica. Made of glycerin and white soaps, it is truly a delight of your senses. 

 $6.00 per bar includes taxes


Raspberry  Creek Swirl Soap

WOW! This soap smells so much like fresh picked raspberries, you will want to take a bite... but please don't. Creatively  designed, these fascinating soaps are perfect for gift giving or the guest bathrooms. Made with glycerin and white base soaps.


 $6.00 per bar includes taxes

Cranberry Rapids Goatmilk Soap

This beautiful creation is a blend of goat milk soap and glycerin to delight the senses. With a delicious cranberry current scent, it is another Northern Creation designed to give acknowledgement and honor to another northern landmark.  


 $5.00 per bar includes taxes

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